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Although the outlook of the genuine Rolex Sea-Dweller and submariner is the same, their turntable has a little difference. The turntable of Sea-Dweller a little bit smaller than the turntable of submariner. However, the counterfeiters prefer to use the same turntable on both watches to save cost. Therefore, the width of the turntable of the replica watches rolex is narrower than the width of the turntable of the fake one. In addition, the gear of the true Rolex watch is deeper than the gear of the fake one. You can see it from the picture and it is quite obvious.

Watch glass mark
This method is very funny, because most of counterfeiters backfire go for wool and come back shorn. In the early days, there was a small crown in six o’clock position on the Rolex watch, but it was canceled later. However, the counterfeiters has been “follow” on, while they leave the small crown rough, uneven, unclear.

Watch Movement
Many Rolex watches use the 3135 movement, and we all know that there are two same “Bordeaux “gear inside the movement. The two gears are protruding obviously, which are the automatic guide pulley. Maybe the laymen identity the authenticity of the Rolex watches basing on this. Therefore, the counterfeiters paint the gears with the same color. Now, I will tell all of you that the tourbillon inside the 3135 movement of Rolex has no identification at all. And there are also some counterfeiters convert ETA2836-2 to 3135.

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